In the 1980's, Views on Learning acquired 24 FCC Licenses for educational use and incorporated into a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization.  In 2004, the FCC renamed the spectrum, the Educational Broadband Services.  With the FCC change, Views on Learning also changed.  The board was reorganized and a focus was placed on using the revenue from the license leases to enhance and enrich schools and students in the market areas.  The board decided that by providing our market schools with access to Lifesize® Cloud licenses, free high-speed wireless Internet, collaboration opportunities, and ongoing support, Views on Learning could positively impact education.  

In 2008, Views on Learning formed a partnership with the Northern Indiana Educational Service Center and hired a full time distance learning coordinator in 2009.  

In 2011, Views on Learning met the FCC substantial Service requirement and with a partnership with Sprint, provides high speed Internet access to our schools in the 23 markets across the country.  

Since that time, Views on Learning has distributed 26 interactive video conferencing units and schools are realizing the benefits of video conferencing.  

In 2016, VOL decided to offer grants to schools in our markets to increase student access to technology.  Up to $250,000.00 per year is currently being granted to schools.  

Currently, VOL is expanding the grant opportunities and the next round of grants will kick off Spring 2018.